If you are looking for the beautiful princess dresses from Frozen you have come to the right place.

Frozen Dresses

Frozen Dresses for Everyone

Frozen is now the biggest grossing animated movie of all time! That does not happen without some amazing characters. Elsa and Anna, two Disney princesses, are now every young girls (and let’s face it – women’s) idol. We want to be just like them!

You can get one step closer to your favourite Disney character by stepping in their shoes… well their dress. Frozen dresses are here to help the fantasy come to life – you know you need one of these dresses in your wardrobe.

Elsa and Anna Dresses

Recently, whenever the question “which Disney princess so you want to dress up as” has been asked there has only been one of two answers, Princess Elsa or Princess Anna.

This is true of adults and kids alike – and there are a range of Frozen dresses to buy for both.

Elsa Dress

Beautiful Frozen Dress

Beautiful Frozen Dress

Elsa is stunning in Disney’s Frozen. Strong, courageous and witty, she has captured the hearts of young and old alike. From her blonde hair to her strikingly blue eyes, everyone recognizes her character immediately when seen. Especially that dress she wears! Such a stunning and bold color, yet still teaming with feminine flair, her dress is one that many are scrambling to find. With her dress being the number one sought after Disney dress, its little wonder that they would be hard to find.

Elsa’s dress is a stunning shade of aqua blue, layered with a frosty white-ish blue lace, edged with snowflakes. Sheer gossamer style sleeves add an air of femininity to this dress. To top it off, the fabric is gently encrusted with crystal like sparkles. Overall, it’s a dress fit for any little princess. Though it might be hard to locate, it appears that Elsa’s style will never go out of style. And her dress isn’t just for admiring little ladies or adults with a young heart. From Barbie to Care-Bears, every toy and doll seems to have Elsa’s dresses. Again, with how it attracts the younger aged girls, it is no wonder that her dress would appear everywhere

Anna Dress

Frozen Anna Dresses

Frozen Anna Dresses

Let us not forget the quaint little country dress of her younger sister Anna. Anna’s dress still stands out at one of the most recognizable dresses for a Disney Princess. Strong, bold colors (black and jeweled blue) are a beautiful compliment to her flaxen locks and watery blue eyes. With a little flair of imitation fluer de lis on the bottom of the skirt piece, Anna’s dress stands out to little ladies admiring the ways of a stronger princess, one who has a sense of adventure and spontaneity to them. Her bold and strikingly beautifully colored cape of purple only adds to her costume. To top it off, even her glossy black boots match the dress and bodice pattern.

Don’t overlook Anna’s adorable green dress either! The rich color of forest green in two shades, one for the skirt piece and one for the bodice, edged in a golden color, brings out her eyes and her smile, much as it would on any little princess who wore it. Just like with Elsa’s dress, Anna’s dresses have taken the world by storm. Barbie has her own Frozen clothing collection, while little girls can dress up as either character for tea time, princess parties or even Halloween.

It doesn’t matter if you are an Elsa fan or an Anna fan (or even love them both), you can be sure of one thing: both Princesses have a lot of classy ideas for their attire and everyone is taking notice!

There are a whole range of Frozen princess dresses and Frozen costumes to choose from with ranges for kids and for adults.

Kids love to dress up as their favourite characters. Buying a Frozen princess dress is every little girls dream come true as they can become a Disney princess!