5 Reasons Frozen is the Best Movie EVER!

The 5 Reasons Why Frozen Is Best Movie Ever

Frozen is the most successful animated film ever having topped Toy Story 3 and Lion King as the highest grossing film at the box office. Now I will tell you the reason why it is the best movie ever.

There are many reasons why Disney’s Frozen is the best movie. However, I am only going to discuss 5 of them.

Reason numero uno. Do you remember any song from the last movie you watched? Well, I can name two right off the top of my head from Frozen, “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” and “Let It Go” which will probably be remembered for a very long time. “Let It Go” had such an impact that it won Best Original Song.

Another reason would be the Broadway-Style Voice Cast. Remember, we are talking about an animated film. However, I think Disney pushed the envelope with the voices they recruited for this film. Names like Idina Menzel, Santino Fontana and Josh Gad (Olaf the snowman) who is being considered as the best comedic voice in a Disney film since the late Robin Williams as the genie in Aladdin.

Continuing in the same vein I would have to add the stage musical themed form and structure that was used to tell the story. It reminded one of a Broadway musical, the songs used themes similar to other musicals we have enjoyed, like the musical, songs were used to express the feelings of characters and not randomly placed like what happens in other movies. “Do You Wanna…” expresses Anna’s desire to spend time with her sister Elsa. Anyone with an older sibling should be able to relate to that song. “Let It Go” is another brilliant song and is pivotal because it shows us Elsa as a person who we all can relate to and not a villain. It is also a memorable and catchy song. I think the musical aspect of this movie contributed in a big way to its success.

Another reason Frozen is the best movie is because of the supporting cast/characters. Oaken, the Duke of Weselton (Weaseltown) and Sven, the reindeer are all memorable characters. Sven was given a personality despite being a non-talking animal character. We had to rely on his body language to get his point of view.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the dresses. The dresses in Frozen, particularly Elsa’s ice dress were beautifully rendered and it has since spawned an entire industry with milliners designing dresses for their clients, toys/dolls, and Halloween costumes. This dress is even popular amongst the boys.

In Frozen Disney produced an outstanding piece of work. Like all Disney movies there is a lesson to be learned and there is always a happy ending with a lesson to be learned at the end. True to form, this movie teaches children and reminds adults of the importance of love in a general sense; love of family, our love for our friends and our love for our fellow man.

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