The 6 Best Disney Songs?

Are these the Best Disney Songs? And Why

Disney SongsEveryone loves a good Disney movie, but one thing that sticks in the heart and mind even more than the wonderful and endearing movie themes, may be the music. Disney songs have been popular among young and old for generations.

No matter what your age, you probably know and recognize some of the more popular Disney songs when you hear them. Here are some of the best Disney songs and reasons why each one is among the best;

When You Wish Upon a Star; This song is one of the earlier songs to become a Disney Icon. It is recognized by the older generation as Jiminy Cricket’s song in the movie Pinoccio which was created in 1940. Not only is it popular for the famous cricket singing it, but it has become the song which Disney uses for their theme parks, shows, and cruises. It is easily recognized and sends the message that dreams really can come true.

A Whole New World; From the movie Aladdin, is considered one of the more romantic Disney songs. It speaks of romance, excitement, and love, giving it a boost among people who love the love songs.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight; written by Elton John and Tim Rice for the movie The Lion King, is one of the popular options for wedding receptions and lovers to enjoy together. It is sensual, sexy, and romantic.

He’s a Tramp; from the movie Lady and the Tramp, is one of the timeless and well recognized songs for many generations. Who doesn’t love this movie and all the music sung by all those lovable dogs, especially this one sung by the homeless stray Peg?

I wanna be like you; from the Jungle Book. An awesome jazz / swing song sung by King Louis and Baloo the bear. This is a song that will get everyone’s feet tapping and above all is accompanied by a hilarious scene in the movie.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Frozen may be one of the newer Disney movies, but the songs are among the most loved, popular, and best recognized today. The lovable Anna sings this to her sister, Elsa, who has magical powers. The saying of the title has become a regular thing in many households, as well as children singing the song.

Let It Go; Also from the movie Frozen, has been covered by a number of artists already, including Demi Lavato. This song is one which not only has a catching tune, but the message behind it is encouraging to people who need to let go of something in their own lives. This may be one of the best Disney songs because it is one of the most powerful.

There are honestly too many Disney songs to keep track of all of them. Each movie offers songs which are endearing, memorable, and easy to catch on to. Disney movies and songs will always be a part of our lives, and will always be well loved by people of all ages.

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