Princess Anna Dresses for Kids and Adults

Disney Princess Anna Dress

Disney Princess Anna Dress

Anna is Princess of Arendelle in Disney’s hugely popular movie Frozen. She is a lively free spirited character who goes on the long dangerous adventure to save her kingdom from the eternal winter.

Anna is very pretty – well she is a Disney princess after all! She has long strawberry-blonde / light ginger hair, big icy blue glittering eyes and a few cute freckles.

She always has a Norwegian Rosemaling floral embellishment on all her clothing.

There are a huge selection of Anna dresses to choose from fitting all budgets. They come in a range of sizes from toddlers and kids costumes to full adult size dresses.

Anna dress top picks

Anna’s Coronation dress

  • Long length olive dress featuring sashes of light green floral embellished sections. A traditional Norwegian patterned dress
  • A black corset / bodice with small green off the shoulder sleeves
  • White stockings
  • She wears her strawberry-blonde locks in a bun at the coronation with green ribbons
  • A teal cape and small black shoes will finish the costume
Adult Womens Anna Dress

Adult Womens Anna Dress

Anna’s Winter Dress

  • Her winter clothing is a medium length, deep blue skirt
  • A black corset / bodice featuring gold trim and rose / floral details
  • A turquoise long sleeved top under the bodice
  • A gorgeous purple cape
  • Finish off the look with black low heeled boots