Frozen 2 Movie News

Frozen fans are going to be in for another movie, but the date and time are up in the air. This was announced at a shareholders meeting. That was the same place that Disney announced the new series of Star Wars movies and it seems to be the way that they like to get attention to their new big releases these days.

There was not a lot said about the movie, other than the plans to move forward and to keep some of the core cast. The previous incarnation made them upwards of $1.3 billion dollars in the theater and that is something they are sure to follow through on. Most sequels of this type will do well in the first week and then it is hard to tell where it will go.

Many people will go to the original release just because they liked the first movie and then, if the movie is put together well, that will draw even more attention. It is hard to say with a younger audience just what is going to go over well and what will not. It is hard to believe that Frozen has been around since November of 2013 and is still going strong in some sectors. The ice show that is currently touring helps keep the fever alive and will surely help the new movie get a foot hold.

Frozen 2 Story line?

There is a lot of hype about the storyline that has not been let out of the bag yet. Many of these movies are kept so secret until the end that is like a government secret what is going to happen. The core cast and the core characters are still strong enough and popular enough to carry the weight of the new movie.

A sequel is often better than producing a spin off. It is hard to tell which way the public will lean with a film, but movies that have tried to make money off of the most popular and endearing characters in a film by creating a spin off based solely upon them have generally been disappointed in the past. We can bear in mind that past movies that people have considered much lower grossing than anticipated have generally still made money.

Even if a film does not bring in near a billion in the box office does not make it a financial failure. Many smaller films and TV shows based upon movie hits have still put quite a bit of money in the bank for the company. Disney has quite a bit on their plate at the moment, with Cinderella in high swing and there is no doubt that the company will do well this and the next quarter whether Frozen 2 produces the anticipated numbers or not.

There are so many inlets for revenue based upon a single film that it is hard for a company to keep track of just how well a film is doing. Pay per view and cable are also a big revenue area, as well as countless merchandising areas. Disney knows how to control the revenue and they know how to make even a lower grossing film make money.

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