Frozen Characters

Meet The Frozen Characters From This Delightful Animated Film

A King and Queen and two princesses are a Royal family in a faraway Kingdom in the heart of The frozen mountainous land of Aarondale.

Princess Elsa is a Blue-eyed, tow headed little sprite with a regal bearing, born with the power to manipulate ice with the touch of her fingers. The things which her powers project, depends on what she is feeling at the time she projects it. When she is feeling happy, her ice projections are happy things, when she is feeling fear, dangerous things. While secretly engaging in mischief one night, with her little sister, an accident happens that changes the course of Elsa’s life. Already a sheltered princess being raised by the King and Queen in a Castle in a Frozen far away land. But because of the accident Elsa is further alienated, and spends the remainder of her childhood and adolescent years cut off from her little sister, as she grows up locked inside one room in the castle. Princess Elsa is hidden, in an effort to conceal her powers, which are growing stronger and more out of control as the years go. Elsa is forced to hide herself so that her powers don’t have cause to touch anyone, so her powers don’t have the effect of hurting anyone. Princess Elsa’s crisis is that her powers, which are connected to her emotions, grow stronger over time, and the more she grows afraid of them. The more afraid she becomes, the more her powers grow. Elsa spends the rest of the movie learning to conquer her fear, in order to control her power over ice.

Playful Anna is the younger sibling of the magical ice princess. Bounding with mischief and energy , this red-headed spark of dynamite constantly sees the world as a playground. The world as she knows it, up until the day of her elder sister Princess Elsa’s coronation, has only been the castle she has grown up in. Anna grows up in the caste completely cut off from the rest of the world. In a far away frozen kingdom. From a very young age Anna has always loved to build, and play with snowmen.

Kristoff is the handsome brawny, blonde rugged outdoors man, antagonist to Princess Anna as he escorts her on a whirlwind adventure through the snow searching for her estranged sister.

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is the dashing and debonair antagonist to Princess Anna. He and Princess Anna fall in love the first day they meet and decide to get married.

Sven is a moose. He has been the trusty animal sidekick companion to Kristoff, since they were both little guys.

Olaf is the magic snowman that was created by Princess Elsa that fateful night. Olaf provides comic relief with his idealism and impenetrable optimism.

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