The New Frozen Dresses from Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever 2-in-1 Dress SetThere is no doubt that the way that animated movies are made is more high tech than ever. In fact, the new short “Frozen Fever” may be so well made, as was the original movie, that the new dresses in the short have caused storms on the Internet and in the fashion world. It is hard to imagine for those that remember older Disney films, like Snow White and others that a movie can be so well done that the costumes could be created almost stitch for stitch.

The entire new short film is based around Anna’s birthday and while the time of year is not known from the feature “Frozen”, the motif was strongly winter, based on the film. This feature, on the other hand has a strong summer feel and the new Frozen dresses match the new season. Dark greens and lighter accents are the watch word for these two in their new short feature and all of this is building to a brand new event, Frozen 2.

There are also lighter blues and more flowing dresses than before and it is hard to say what types of styles will come out of this film and the next. Matching the fact that the characters in the first film showed and deeper level of emotion and character than in some of Disney’s history, the way that adults and younger people connected to the characters was deeper too. Rather than a straight forward good versus evil, Frozen showed the emotional impact of the environment that the two girls grew up in.

It is this type of setting that Disney can make into a deeper and richer movie that stands out against the backdrop of other film companies. There is no doubt that as the years go by Disney changes the way that movies are written and the way that movies are made. These films inspire new looks and new ways of thinking in the world and it is a great thing that young people get to be a part of this. We will no doubt see some new fashions that go well beyond the costume counter.

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Anna and Elsa have something to say about the way that world views film and their outfits will be yet another way that they show who they are and what they want to be. This will be seen in fashion, in books and everywhere.