Hans Costume – Frozen Halloween Costumes

One of the greatest movies of 2014 is still causing a stir, with its memorable characters and great music. We all love Frozen and we all love dressing up. Dressing up as a character from Frozen is going to put raise a few smiles at the next party.

Here’s a DIY costume for the guys! With Halloween coming up, who better to dress up as than Frozen’s own villain, Prince Hans Westergaard.

What you need to dress up as Hans from Frozen

  • Red copper hair
  • White blazer, black lapels, epaulettes
  • Blue shirt
  • Blue waist coat
  • Purple Cravat
  • Blue trousers
  • Black boots

Hans Costume

Let’s start at the top. If you don’t have red hair, you’ll need the perfect wig to make sure you look just like Prince Hans. With his princely curtains and oversized side-burns, no one will be able to mistake you for anyone else. Alternatively, you could style your own locks and add in some copper tones with temporary spray on hair colour.

Now for the clothes; Hans wears very smart attire, starting with his bright blue shirt, worn with the collar up and a deep plum, satin cravat tucked neatly into his royal blue waistcoat.

To really top off his regal getup, Hans has a white tailored jacket with black details and exquisite gold embellishments. To recreate Prince Hans’ awesome coat you can use any white blazer-style jacket and add 4 intricate patterned buttons to each side and to make it even more recognisable, try sewing on epaulettes to the shoulders and attach some gold braid. If you want to go all out, crop the jacket, add black cuffs, collar and lapels and decorate with the gold braiding.

The next step to creating your amazing Hans costume, are his tailored blue trousers, worn high-waisted. Adding gold buttons and a blue stripe to the sides of your trousers will make them look exactly like Prince Hans’.

So, you’re almost there, you are really starting to look just like the prince himself, all you need now are those little finishing touches to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Hans wears tall black riding boots and smart, white gloves, which are so easy to find and make your Hans costume complete!
You should be proud of your DIY Prince Hans costume! Maybe you can find your own Anna at the Halloween party, but be nice; you’re only dressed like a villain!

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