DIY Kristoff Costume

Create your own Kristoff from Frozen Costume

Frozen isn’t just for the girls! Why not dress up as Frozen’s lovable rogue, Kristoff? We’ve pieced together a little guide for you to make a DIY Kristoff costume so you can wow all of your friends with your creative skills. This costume is perfect for any party and will be instantly recognisable.

Kristoff Costume

What you need to look like Kristoff

  • Blonde hair
  • Bobble hat
  • Grey woolen jumper
  • Grey sheep skin tunic
  • Dark grey snow trousers
  • Snow boots

DIY Kristoff Costume

Let’s start from the top, with Kristoff’s cute little bobble hat. Sheepskin hats are so easy to find, and adding a faux fur pom pom to the top makes your hat just like his!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have gorgeous blonde locks to rival Kristoff’s, do not worry, as there are plenty of blonde wigs to help you get into character.

If you’re wearing this costume for Halloween, you couldn’t have picked a better time! The nights are starting to get chillier, which is perfect, because you’ll be wearing a sweater and a tunic top. Any dark grey knitted sweater will do, but try and find one with a round neck so it looks more like Sven’s best pal. A dark grey tunic top can be made to look more like Kristoff’s wintery clothes by adding fur trim to the edges.

As for trousers, a pair of dark grey sweatpants will be just the ticket, so not only can you be comfortable all night, but you’re costume will look awesome too!

To really make sure you get the look nailed, add these accessories; a burgundy scarf worn as a belt around your waist, sheepskin mittens in a dark brown colour and of course, your outfit wouldn’t be complete without some cosy snow boots!

Now you look just like Kristoff and have a killer costume for that party! If you want to go that extra mile, you can find yourself a stuffed animal reindeer to carry around with you, after all where would Kristoff be without his bestie Sven?!

If you don’t want to make your costume, you can find full Kristoff costumes, but it’s never as fun as creating your own!

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