The Movie Frozen

The brief story of the movie Frozen

Walt Disney Studios has always had a knack for taking the magical things in life, and bringing them to the silver screen. People have been flocking to Disney movies for years, expecting to be entertained and enchanted. And they are rarely ever disappointed. Disney Studios continued that tradition in style with the release of the movie “Frozen” in November of 2013.

Frozen is the story of two sisters, one with the amazing ability to freeze anything she wanted. They live happily in the land of Arrendelle, until one day a tragedy strikes that will cause them both to spend a lot of their lives not talking to each other. When circumstances force them together again, all sorts of people are waiting to take advantage of them.

Elsa decides her powers are more trouble than they are worth when they are revealed to everyone at her coronation. She runs away and lives in an ice castle with her childhood snowman, Olaf. This causes eternal winter all over Arrendelle. Her sister comes after her, with a guide she met along the way. They find her castle, but then so do other people that want to use Elsa’s powers for themselves and rule the kingdom.

In the ensuing chaos, Elsa hits her sister right in the heart with her ice powers, which causes her to start freezing. The guide takes her back to the castle once he learns that she can only be saved by an act of true love. Elsa is also returned to the castle, but against her will when she is captured by some of the very people who want her throne.

The plot thickens when the prince who Anna thought could save her from the curse of being frozen reveals that he was only trying to steal the throne. When accused of using her powers to murder her sister, Elsa flees the castle, and runs out into a howling blizzard. Her sister and friends also go out in hope of finding her.

Anna learns that she can have the curse lifted, because Krystos the guide, has been in love with her all along. The prince has told Elsa that Anna is finally and truly dead. This causes her to break down in sorrow. But the sorrow has an unexpected side effect, it ends the endless winter. Time runs out for Princess Anna though. She freezes solid just as she intervened to save Elsa from the mad prince who had been about to kill her.

However, that act of bravery turned out to be the act of true love that saved the day. The curse is lifted and Anna is restored to her normal self. Elsa realizes she can control her powers with love, the kingdom is finally unthawed and everyone lives happily ever after.

This film is truly something for the people at Walt Disney Studios to be proud of. People loved it and they loved it so much they made it the highest grossing animated film of all time. Frozen passed several other great movies along the way, including some earlier Disney offerings.

And like all the good Disney movies that came before it, Frozen tells a story, and leaves us with something very important to think about. This movie was just as enjoyable to the grownups as it was to the children and that is what makes a family movie a classic.

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