Why Olaf is a fantastic costume idea.

Nobody can deny, that Disney’s Frozen has some amazing characters; independent woman Elsa, fun-loving Anna and of course, Olaf! Who better to dress up at a costume party than cute little Olaf?

Disney Frozen Olaf Costume

Most people may think of Christmas when snowmen are mentioned, but Frozen has changed all that. Sun loving Olaf, with his heart of gold, is fast becoming costume inspiration for hundreds of people. This year, he will prove to be just as popular a costume choice just as he was last year.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t too dress up as Olaf! Add a unique twist to your costume – you can mix it up a bit and go as Olaf in the sun, with his sunglasses on holding a cocktail. Or put on a boater hat, carry a cane and spend the night dancing like you’re in an old musical.

Olaf Costume for Kids

There is nothing cuter than a miniature Olaf running around – just like in the Frozen movies! This costume idea will be especially popular with the boys.

Olaf Costume for Adults

Adults can dress up in an Olaf costume, let their hair down and be inspired by Olaf’s crazy personality and sense of humor. It can be a great piece of a family costume idea – imagine dad as Olaf with his two daughters as the princesses Elsa and Anna. An adorable idea.

Create your own Olaf Costume.

Lots of ready to wear costumes can be found online, but it is just as easy to make your own. Papier-mâché is perfect to create Olaf’s round body with his coal buttons and even a mask if you’re feeling particularly creative. If you don’t like the idea of a mask, white face paint will make your little one look just like they’re made of snow, just don’t forget to make an orange cardboard carrot nose! Wearing a dark brown long sleeved top and gloves will mimic Olaf’s twig arms and white slippers or boots would be perfect for his little feet! DIY fancy dress is always the most fun, especially if you get the kids in on making it too.

An Olaf costume for an adult can also be easily achieved in much of a similar way, just on a larger scale. It’s up to you how much detail you fancy putting into it, maybe even using a real carrot or real twigs to make you look even more like an authentic snowman. As with children’s costumes, many adult sized ones are also available online.

There are cute ways of dressing as Olaf without the bulky costume too! Girls can wear a white dress with pom poms sewn down the front, white snow boots and a little hair band with 3 twigs on the top. Guys can opt for a white top, trousers and shoes and maybe paint their face to look like Olaf. The options are almost endless!

Have fun making your costumes. Don’t forget to sing and dance to really get into character!