The Six Best Disney Princesses

Our Favorite Disney Princesses

Disney has been defining childhood entertainment for decades. And while some of the role models they give us may be better examples of what not to do, they also provide some pretty great heroines for us to look up to. Here are the 6 best Disney Princesses.

Best Disney Princesses

6. Jasmine From Aladdin

She can be a bit haughty, but what do you expect of a woman raised in a palace? She refuses to let anyone dictate her life and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She’s also charmingly naive about how the real world works and has a surprising soft spot for hungry orphans. Plus, her best friend is a tiger.

5. Tiana From the Princess and the Frog

Here’s a princess who knows how to get her hands dirty. She isn’t afraid of hard work and knows that chasing your dreams often means pinching pennies and starting at the bottom. No matter how tired she is at the end of a long day, she still keeps her upbeat, can-do attitude.

4. Pocahontas From (well…) Pocahontas

Pocahontas can execute perfect dives off waterfalls and roll down a hill with perfect hair. Who doesn’t want to be her? Seriously, though, she defies her people’s beliefs in order to save the man she loves and then stands with him to bring peace between their two cultures. And she doesn’t even get the guy in the end.

3. Belle From Beauty and the Beast

No, she doesn’t have any magic powers or crazy skills, but that’s what makes her so great. Belle is just a normal girl who wants to get away from her small town and see the world. Instead, she ends up sacrificing herself for her father, escapes from the Beast, nurses him back to health, stands up to Gaston and ends with the perfect happily ever after. Something we can all aspire to.

2. Anna From Frozen

A bit klutzy, but Anna is willing to do whatever it takes to get through to her sister. When the rest of the world brands Elsa a monster, Anna refuses to give up on her. She will brave magical winters, angry snow monsters, and anything else that stands in her way. And she’ll do it without any powers of her own or any real idea of why this is happening.

1. Elsa From Frozen

Crazy ice powers? Yes, please. Elsa is given perhaps the worst magical education of all time, being told over and over again that she is dangerous and has to shut down all of her emotions in order to deny her powers. It’s the perfect back story for a villain. Instead, she continues to love her family through it all. The only thing she ever wanted was for Anna to be safe, even if that didn’t work out so well all the time.

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