Zombie Elsa Costume for Halloween

Dress up as Zombie Elsa for Halloween

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love Halloween and Frozen equally and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t combine the two!

Zombie Elsa Halloween Costume

Here we’re going to tell you how to turn your favourite Disney Princess into an amazingly spooky zombie. Looking at Elsa with her stunning platinum blonde locks and pristine make up, it could be hard to imagine her in full on zombie mode, so that’s where we come in.

Using our costume inspiration, you can create a modified version in which Elsa has come back from the dead and is hungry for braaains!!!

Fist, you will need Elsa’s dress. Find a fabulous, long, sky blue dress which you can tear, put holes in and even put a bit of fake blood onto. To make Elsa’s gorgeous cape, find a piece of ice blue voile in any haberdashery, you may even find some glittery fabric which will look perfect. Elsa’s evening-gown-like dress will be the perfect juxtaposition against the dirt, torn fabric and blood stains.

If you don’t have long luscious locks like Elsa’s, you can buy a long blonde wig online and style it into a loose plait. To give it more of an ‘un-dead’ look, mess it up a bit and to really go all out, get some fake blood and dirt all mussed up in there too.

Next, it’s time to get your make up sorted. You can still opt for Elsa’s subtle purple eye-shadow and cherry lipstick, but you will have to add some gore to zombie up your costume even more. Use pale foundation and powder to give your skin that ‘dead’ look and add some black or grey eye-shadow underneath your eyes to make them look sunken. Put some fake blood around your mouth (make sure it’s safe) so it looks like you just dined on someone’s brains and smudge it across your face too.

Depending on how crazy you want to go with your zombie make up, you could try out some special effects type make up to make it look as though your teeth are exposed because you’ve lost your cheek to rotting or you could even give this really cool tutorial a go so you look like you’ve had frost bite before you died. There are loads of great zombie make up tutorials to try out. We’re getting excited for Halloween just thinking about it!

Halloween is just around the corner so you’d best get planning and sorting your outfit! If you don’t fancy dressing up as Elsa, you could also ‘zombify’ any of the other characters. Imagine a zombie Olaf!!!

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